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Werkudara is the son of Pandu ( the second son of Pandu ) so Werkudara is in the pandawa grup. The image above is Werkudara in the Java's wayang kulit . Like as Bhisma, Werkudara is the famously character that was interested by wayang kulit hobbies. More wayang kulit hobbies describe theirselves to the Werkudara performance. Werkudara means scream.
In Java wayang story Werkudara or Bhima is the second son of Pandu and Kunthi. Werkudara married three times they are : Dewi Nagagini ( son of Bathara Antaboga - the dragon gods- ); Dewi Arimbi than the last is dewi Urangayu ( Shrimp gods'son ).Werkudara and dewi Nagagini have son- Antasena. Werkudara and dewi Arimbi have son - Gathotkaca-. Werkudara and dewi Urangayu have son - Wisanggeni-.
Werkudara was a pivotal figure in the great battle in Kurusetra ( Bharatayudha ), he fighting against to Kurawa : Dursasana and the last, Duryudana, Werkudara won from them.
Werkudara has a hairloom that's kind a Gada ( bigger steel cudgel ) is named 'Gada Rujak Polo'.

There is much story about Werkudara in Java's wayang story one of the most famous story is "dewa Ruci" that describe how Werkudara to looking for the other spiritual knowledge then he went to the sea till he met the gods of sea named dewa Ruci. Werkudara learned a lot from dewa Ruci about spiritual of ownself.

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