Monday, July 26, 2010

Kurukasetra or Kurukhsetra, a place for bharatayudha war

It's very large place called "tegal kurusetra" or "tegal kurukasetra" or "kurukhsetra" which as the place for bharatayudha war between pandawa brothers who fight against to kurawa brothers.

Since the peacemakers who had been sent by pandawa brothers to the Astina king, prabu Suyudana. But the peace from pandawa has been rejected by the Astina's king, prabu Suyudana as the kurawa brothers's leader. So the bharatayudha war couldn't hide again by both pandawa and kurawa.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


wayang is an ancient entertainment but now there are so many peoples of around the world who are like to wayang kulit. I hear the news that in Japan there are students of University trying to make a wayang kulit software. I like it.
The ancient show will be modern?

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Pandawa means "five sons of..." who five of all are male. First is Yudhistira or Puntadewa. Second is Werkudara or Bima or Bimasena. Third is Janaka or Arjuna or Permadi or Pamadi. Both of The fourth and last are twins, Nakula and Sadewa or Sahadewa.
Five of Pandawa are the sons of King Pandu. The twins are the King Pandu's son with other wife, Dewi Madrim. Yudhistira, Bima and Janaka are the King pandu's son with his first wife, Dewi Kunthi.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The "Dalang"

when wayang kulit is showing, so there's seen a man who 'make' puppet talks or move. sometimes sad, sometimes happy. lovely, humour or war. the dalang is helped by a person called cantrik. Cantrik giving the puppet which will show or action by mr dalang.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a wayang kulit 'lakon' show

there's fighting between Bima vs kolomadenda on lakon semar gugat.
the lakon of Semar Gugat is full of mistis or magic effect, so this lakon show in ceremonial events only

first scene is fighting between Bima vs a giant king called Kalamadenda. Bima won
second is the dialogue Bima and Kresna.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

a little fragment of ramayana story

while Rama and his wife, prince Shinta and Rama's brother, Laksmana go to the deep forest called forest Dandaka they find something strange but beautiful...someday they see a 'kijang kencana' ( a gold deer ) which makes prince Shinta love it...
then in that day, Rama lost his wife...he looking for everywhere till a giant eagle called Garuda Jathayu tell that Shinta been kidnapped by Rahwana, a king of Alengka.
The fight between Rama and Alengka begin...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dewi Citrawati

Dewi Citrawati is a son of a king in Magadha kingdom. She is one of reincarnation of Dewi Widawati, and as a reincarnation of dewi Widawati so she has been pursued by prabhu Rahwana in order to be his wife.

Then someday there is a 'sayembara' (contest) in Magadha which have made by the king of Magadha, the contest about to looking for who is as husband of Magadha's Princess, Dewi Citrawati.So, there's seen hundreds 'ksatria' (king or knight) from another countries. but the contest has a rule, there's just a winner. the contest is looking for a ksatria who has 'sakti mandraguna' (powerful and violent).

A king who is famous because of his power on this contest day has been seen, he is prabhu Arjunasasra. He comes to joining the contest. 

Till the winner is seen, he's prabhu Arjunasasra. So Dewi Citrawati becomes his wife. 

But Unfortenatelly before the wedding party begin, there's just a king who complaining and make riots and he's prabhu Rahwana or Dasamuka. Why? because of Dewi Citrawati is a reincarnation of Dewi Widawati so she has to become Dasamuka's wife. Dasamuka has bad habits of his 'evil' wishing. Then fighting of Dasamuka and Arjunasasra start and both have big power of saktimandraguna.

And as Wishnu reincarnation so prabhu ArjunaSasra can winning easily from Rahwana. 

So, the wedding party ceremonial of princess Citrawati and king ArjunaSasra continued. 

And this story is about an epic of ramayana.