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Wayang kulit show in my town

Wayang kulit show in wedding party is usually different in other ceremonies. The difference is what the 'lakon' ( scene / story ) to be played because 'lakon' could suggested that party or ceremony will be as same as the tragedy in the 'lakon' was choosen by. In wedding party, the lakon usually to be played is like : 'Sumbadra larung ' , this lakon told about desire and love between raden Arjuna to dewi Sumbadra. Or another story have been took from ramayana epic as kind lakon 'Shinta boyong', this lakon told about how difficult Rama to got back his wife,dewi Shinta, from Rahwana the king at Alengkadiraja.

While the mothers is getting to born their children, wayangkulit show have played too. in this ceremony the lakon that usually to be played is like : lakon 'Gathotkaca lahir' or lakon 'Bima lahir' , boths of those lakons told about the birth of Gathotkaca and Bima.

In ceremonies ( 'bersih desa' or an opening new office etc.) lakon have been played is free except for 'lakon wingit'. Lakon 'wingit' ( wingit is scream or horribly ) might made earhtquake or another horribly of the nature.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Sadewa or Sahadewa is a son of king Pandu with dewi Madrim. He twins to his brother, Nakula.
Sadewa means tangsen ( in java pedhalangan ) tangsen is a medicine plant.

Name : Sadewa
From : Amarta kingdom
Father : Pandu
Mother: Madrim
wife :
son :
grup : Pandawa


The living
Sahadewa or Sadewa is the last Pandu's son ( Pandu with his second wife, Madrim ). Nakula and Sadewa are twins. As his brothers, all of pandawa , Sadewa is the guru Durna's student too. Guru Durna teachs him the knowledge of how to using 'candrasa' ( legendary sword ).

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Biography :

Name : Nakula

From : Amarta

Tittle : Lord

Father : Pandu

Mother : Madrim

Son :

Grup : Pandawa

Wife :

Living of Nakula
Nakula is son of Pandu and dewi Kunthi.

Drestarasta, Kurawa's father

Biography :


Name : Drestarasta

From : Astina

Tittle : King

Father : Abhyasa

Mother : ?

Son : Kurawa ( a hundred son )

Wife : Gendari

The living
Drestarasta is a king in Astina for a time that when the Pandu's son (pandawa) was in adult , Drestarasta would had to giving back .
Drestarasta is the older brother of Pandu, because of Drestarasta was blind so Pandu had gotten as a king.
Drestarasta gave it before to his son,Duryudana, then when at the time Duryudana would give back to Pandawa.

After bharatayudha battle, Drestarasta invited the winner, pandawa, to gave a saying that he was so respecting to Pandawa.
The most that he hated of pandawa was Bima because of Bima had killed his son, Duryudana, Drestarasta would give gracefull and praying to Bima with touched Bima's head. But Kresna said to Bima that Drestarasta had a hairloom and violent power in his hand that everything could to be broken by his touching of his hand. The true was Drestarasta would to revenged for the dead of Duryudana. Bima was very angry then Bima hit Drestarasta's head with Bima's hairloom gun named 'Godo rujak polo'.
Drestarasta dead.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Durna, guru of pandawa and kurawa

Biography :

Name : Durna

From : Astina kingdom

Tittle : Priest and guru in Astina

son : Aswatama

Durna or Kumbayana is in the mahabharata epic only. There is image of Durna in java's wayang kulit performance. Durna is one of the many violent resi, he is as guru ( teacher ) of all pandawa and kurawa. When Durna was young, he is a son of a king. Durna young didn't want to be a king as same as his father then he went out from the country and he became 'brahmana' ( holy man ). And Durna learned to RamaParasu ( Rama Parasu is the most violent guru that has long age. Ramaparasu live since ramayana era till mahabarata era- +/- 700 years old ).
Durna become guru for Pandawa and Kurawa

One upon a day, pandawa and kurawa ( still child ) was playing together and then they had trouble because of their toys had felt into deep hole.Several from boths pandawa and kurawa child tried to take their toys back but the hole was too deep then Durna came to and showing how to take a thing from the deep hole without entering hole, the toys suddenly was on hand. Pandawa and Kurawa talked to King Drestarasta about this, then they prefered Durna as their guru. Pandawa and Kurawa learned to Durna together.


Werkudara is the son of Pandu ( the second son of Pandu ) so Werkudara is in the pandawa grup. The image above is Werkudara in the Java's wayang kulit . Like as Bhisma, Werkudara is the famously character that was interested by wayang kulit hobbies. More wayang kulit hobbies describe theirselves to the Werkudara performance. Werkudara means scream.
In Java wayang story Werkudara or Bhima is the second son of Pandu and Kunthi. Werkudara married three times they are : Dewi Nagagini ( son of Bathara Antaboga - the dragon gods- ); Dewi Arimbi than the last is dewi Urangayu ( Shrimp gods'son ).Werkudara and dewi Nagagini have son- Antasena. Werkudara and dewi Arimbi have son - Gathotkaca-. Werkudara and dewi Urangayu have son - Wisanggeni-.
Werkudara was a pivotal figure in the great battle in Kurusetra ( Bharatayudha ), he fighting against to Kurawa : Dursasana and the last, Duryudana, Werkudara won from them.
Werkudara has a hairloom that's kind a Gada ( bigger steel cudgel ) is named 'Gada Rujak Polo'.

There is much story about Werkudara in Java's wayang story one of the most famous story is "dewa Ruci" that describe how Werkudara to looking for the other spiritual knowledge then he went to the sea till he met the gods of sea named dewa Ruci. Werkudara learned a lot from dewa Ruci about spiritual of ownself.


Biography :

Name : Janaka

From : Amarta kingdom

Tittle : Lord ( Raden )

Father : Pandu

Mother : Kunthi

Wife : Sumbadra ; Srikandi

Grup : Pandawa


That is Janaka or Arjuna in java's wayang kulit performance. Janaka is the son of Pandu ( he is the third son of Pandu ) so Janaka is in the Pandawa grup. Janaka is the violent lord that he has much hairloom.

The 'dasanama' of Janaka are : Janaka; Arjuna; Dananjaya; Permadi.

Bhisma, the most violent

Biography :

Name : Bhisma

From : Astina kingdom

Tittle : Priest in Astina

Son :

Wife :

Bhisma is in mahabharata epic only. In java's wayang kulit performance Bhisma famously and interested to the most wayang kulit hobbies after Karna performance.

Bhisma is a 'resi' ( holy ) that has the violent power as same as Durna and

Ramaparasu ( Ramaparasu is the biggest guru had teached many lord and resi ).

Monday, August 18, 2008

Duryudana, the kurawa's leader

Biography :

name : Duryudana

title : Prabhu ( king )

kingdom : Astina / Astinapura / Gajahoya

wife : dewi Banowati

grup : kurawa.

other names : Suyudhana ; Kurupati ; Gendariputra


the living

Duryudana or called prabhu Suyudhana is a king in Astinapura. He is into kurawa grup because Suyudhana is son of prabhu Drestarasta, as known that all of the Drestarasta's son was called kurawa ( kuru blood ), Suyudhana as the kurawa's leader because he was first son of Drestarasta.

He was called Kurupati because he was the kurawa's leader.

Suyudhana was meant that Duryudana had became king while he is young old.

Gendariputra was meant that Duryudana was dewi Gendari's son.

Astina is the very rich and wealth country then several of countries became to apart to Astina, as Awangga and Magadha.

In Bharatayudha battle, Duryudana fight against to Bima/Werkudara from pandawa. In the 18th day of bharatayudha, Duryudana had killed by Bima.

Puntadewa, the leader of Pandawa

Biography :
Name : Puntadewa
From : Amarta
tittle : king ( prabhu )
wife : Drupadi
other names : Yudhistira, Pandawa (Pandu's son or pandawa leader ),Samiaji ( gives regard to someone like to himself ).

grup : Pandawa ( first )

Above is Puntadewa and below is all of pandawa, ( from left: Bhima, Janaka, Puntadewa, Nakula and Sadewa ).
Puntadewa is a king in Amarta as the leader of pandawa. He is the first son of Pandu.He has the 'dasanama' ( other names - in java culture and prespiritual it is meaning that the man is the big people-, Yudhistira; Panduputra. Puntadewa has a hairloom namely 'jamus kalimasada'.
In wayang Indonesia Puntadewa known like a priest that has gold heart meaning Puntadewa is very 'sakti' if he had been compared to other wayang character.

Kunthi, pandawa's mother

Name : Kunthi

From : Surasena Kingdom

husband : Pandu

Other name : Pritha

title : Queen

have son : Karna ; Yudhistira ( Puntadewa ); Werkudara ( Bima ); Janaka

The living
When she was young ( virgin ) she had been given a powerless 'mantra' that could coming in the gods and goddes, the mantra had given by resi Druwasa. Then she tried that mantra to call the gods so bathara Surya had came in. With him ( Bathara Surya ) Kunthi became pregnant then Karna borned ( see Karna ).

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Pandu, the pandawa's father

Above is Pandu or Pandudewanata. Pandu is on the mahabharata epic only.
Pandu or Pandudewanata is a son of prabhu ( king ) Abhyasa in Astina before the pandawa generation. Prabhu Abhyasa has 3 sons :
  1. Drestarasta
  2. Yamawidura
  3. Pandu
Since young, Pandu hobbie was to looking for the knowledge everywhere then he joining himself to several 'resi' that they had theached him about everything.
After king Abhyasa had loses Astina, then he gave Astina to Pandu. Pandu became a king in Astina.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Karna, son of the sun

Biography :

Name : Karna

From : Awangga ( a province of Astina kingdom )

Tittle : Governor ( Adipati )

Father : Bathara Surya

Mother : Kunthi

Wife : Surtikanti

Other name : Basukarna; Basusena; Suryaatmaja; Suryaseputra.



Above is Karna image on indonesia's java puppet show.
Karna is the dewi Kunthi's son with bathara Surya ( gods of sun ), Karna borned from dewi Kunthi's ear, so the meaning of karna is ear ( on Java's puppet-show is seen in "Karna Lahir" ).
Unfortunatelly, the birth of Karna had made dewi Kunthi ashamed because she hadn't married yet then she floated her baby on Gangga river, with the sad and tiny of the heart.
Karna began his life on the flow of Gangga river till one day someone had founded and took him home. He had been founded a horse-driver of Astina named Adirata ( kusir Adirata ). Adirata and his wife,Randha, was very happy got the baby they had been praying for a long time.
After young Karna had a job in Astinapura kingdom that was lead by prabhu Suyudhana ( Duryudana ) a king from kurawa group.
Who is Karna ?
Karna is the first son of dewi Kunthi with Bathara Surya before dewi Kunthi had been married by prabhu Pandu ( a king of Astinapura before Suyudhana ).
Prabhu Pandu had two wifes ( dewi Kunthi and Dewi Madrim ) then he had five sons , all of Pandu's son is called pandawa group.
Prabhu Pandhu and dewi Kunthi had 3 sons :
- first is Yudhistira or Puntadewa
- second is Werkudara or Bima
- third is Janaka or Arjuna
Prabhu Pandu and dewi Madrim had 2 sons ( Twins ) :
- as fourth is Nakula
- as fiveth is Sadewa or Sahadewa
So, Prabhu Pandu has five sons that is called pandawa.
But with Karna the truth of pandawa is six !! if Karna didn't joined to kurawa then the pandawa group became five members.
While Karna join to kurawa, the kurawa leader named prabhu Suyudhana and all of kurawa had been glad because they know that kurawa couldn't win in the bharatayudha war. ( bharatayudha war is battle between pandawa and kurawa to winning a country named Astinaraya ).
Karna become king in Awangga

One day in the colossium of Astinapura there were seen a meeting that been opened by prabhu (king) Duryudana- as kurawa leader-. There were all of kurawa and pandawa grup.
Then Durna or known as begawan(guru) Kumbayana. Beside him was seen Resi Bhisma and Resi Krepa.
Kurawa soldiers was leaded by a senapati namely Aswatama.
What's happened there ?
There was a sniping competition. The competition is an idea of guru Durna that theaced all of them-pandawa and kurawa. Durna wanted to know who had studied hard, Pandawa or Kurawa ?
Everyone knows that pandawa have the best arrow-sniper, Janaka.
It's a matter for Kurawa because of kurawa didn't have.
At this crisis, suddenly a violent youth namely Karna moving in front of the colossium to permissed to king Duryudana that Karna positioned himself into an arow-sniper for Kurawa.
The colossium became noisy.
Karna was known as non-lord people. All of kurawa supported to Karna but didn't Pandawa.
Bima ( from Pandawa ) snarl to Karna that karna couldn't entering the competition because of Karna as a non lord people.
Bima said : "He, Karna. You are just a low level man a son of horse-car driver . You cannot continuing in this competition. It is only owned by the man has lord levelity. go out !".
Karna : "I'm Karna. A son of kusir ( horse-car driver ) Adirata and mother Randha that had founded me on the flow of river Gangga. If you know, i'm better than all of you, pandawa ".
Bima : " Oh that. You're just go out from my face !"
Karna: " And dewi Drupadi ( Puntadewa's wife ) is the bad wife i have ever seen. She perhap came from the left-side of this city".
Prabhu Duryudana stopped the mouth-war of boths Bima and Karna.
Competition was continuing.
A 300 metres flower called "cindepuspita" hanging as a target must to be felt down by an arrow.
Raden Janaka (pandawa) to be the earlier, he snip the arrow to target. Great !!. The blue red Cindepuspita flower was felt down.
next was Karna. He snip the arrow to target. Great !!. The blue red Cindepuspita flower was felt down, too.
Cindepuspita flower could to be felt down by boths- Janaka and Karna.
The day hadn't seen the winner.
At the end, prabhu Duryudana pleased guru Durna to set up a ceremony.
The ceremony be lead by pandhita Durna and Resi Bhisma as assistant.
Karna became a king on Awangga, a part of Astina country.Karna had a privilage in Astina a gift from prabhu Duryudhana.
Duryudhana and all of Kurawa very glad to saw a violent power man namely Karna joining to kurawa. Duryudhana thought that Karna as their asset for the future of kurawa.
Karna in Bharatayudha war
Karna in bharatayudha war, with his hairloom namely 'panah kyai Kuntawijayandanu' he win from Gathotkaca. Gathotkaca had been dead by Karna. The second part, Karna must against to Janaka that unfortunatelly Karna didn't have the hairloom because it have been used when against Gathotkaca. Karna have been dead by Janaka.

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Wayang biography, the introduction

Above is the image of Resi Bhisma.
Wayang is the javanese's puppet show that always to be played in party or other ceremonies. This site contain about the biography of wayang character based from the java's puppet show ( wayang kulit purwa ) adopted from epics that wrote India's philosophers. The epics are 1. Mahabharata epic ; 2. Ramayana epic ; 3. Gathotkacasraya epic.

Mahabharata epic telling about the battle of two groups, pandawa and kurawa, to winning a kingdom Astinaraya.

Ramayana epic telling about the power of love between raden Rama and his wife, dewi Shinta.

Gathotkacasraya epic telling about the power of human, it figure a biggest king named prabhu Arjuna sasra and some apologize of a non-lord named bambang Sumantri.

Mahabharata wayang characters are :
- Prabhu Pandu / Pandudewanata
- Prabhu Drestarasta
- Raden Yamawidura
- Dewi Kunthi
- Dewi Madrim
- Prabhu Kresna
- Prabhu Baladewa
- Prabhu Salya
- Adipati Karna / Basukarna
- Begawan Durna
- Resi Bhisma
- Resi Krepa
- Raden Janaka /Arjuna
- Prabhu Yudhistira / Puntadewa
- Raden Werkudara / Bima
- Raden Nakula
- Raden Sadewa
- Prabhu Suyudana / Duryudana
- Raden Dursasana
- Raden Lesmana
- Raden Kartamarma
- Raden Abimanyu
- Raden Gathotkaca
- Raden Antasena
- Dewi Drupadi
- Aswatama
- Setyaki
- Patih Sengkuni

Ramayana epic wayang characters are :
- Raden Ramawijaya
- Dewi shinta
- Lesmana
- Raden Wibisana
- Hanuman
- Anggada
- Sugriwa
- Subali
- Dewi Trijatha
- Dewi Anjani
- Raden Indrajit
- Prabhu Dasamuka
- Raden Kumbakarna
- Sarpakenaka
- Begawan Wisrawa
- Patih Prahasta

Gathotkacasraya epic wayang characters are :
- Bambang Sumantri
- Begawan Suwandagni
- Prabhu Arjunasasrabahu
- Bambang Sukrasana
- Dewi Citrawati
- Prabhu Citradharma
- Prabhu Dasamuka
- Raden Citragada

Gods of wayang characters are :
- Bathara Guru
- Bathara Narada
- Bathara Yamadipati
- Bathara Indra
- Bathara Wisnu
- Bathara Ismaya
- Bathari Uma
- Bathari Supraba

Punakawan ( the friends ) wayang characters are :
- Semar
- Gareng
- Petruk
- Bagong
- Togog
- Sarawita

The next step is the story of wayang based on mahabharata, ramayana and gathotkacasraya. Like in java wayang show is usually very original on itself.
Then about 'dalang talk' is about what dalang acted in wayang kulit show.

1.Biography :

  • Karna
  • Bima
  • Kunthi
  • Pandu
  • Drestarasta
  • Durna
  • Janaka/Arjuna
  • Sengkuni
  • Bhisma
  • Duryudana
  • Yudhistira/Puntadewa

2. I said

  • every saturday night i listen wayang in local radio
  • i try to arrange wayang story